7 Effective Packing Methods for Storage

During a big house move or an international move you may want to consider storing your items. No matter what the reason for storing your belongings is, effective packing can be the deciding factor of how well your belongings will be stored and how much the storage will cost. Don’t over pay or let your items get damaged by following these 7 hacks for effective packing.
In order for the packing and unpacking to be easy consider:

  1. Place your hard and flat items first: In order to avoid damage of small fragile items, pack your hard items first. If you are packing books, shoes, or documents they will go on the bottom of the box. Then place soft items such as clothes, bags, and towels on top.
  2. Roll clothes: In order to preserve space and save money on extra boxes and storage space, roll your clothes before packing. This makes your storage more compact and organized.
  3. Line the jewelry: If you are storing jewelry or similar items that have a high potential of tangling, place them on a sandwich cling wrap side by side and then cover the top. The sticky type material will hold your jewelry in place and will prevent your chains from moving around. Store this on top of your hard items or towels. This will preserve your jewelry from rusting.
  4. Use plastic garbage bags: When storing clothes use garbage bags in the same manner you receive your clothes back from dry cleaning. This keeps your clothes wrinkle free and easy to store and to hang back up.
  5. Wrap fragile items in clothes or towels: If you are storing dishes or other fragile belongings then wrap them in clothes or towels in order to cushion them from potential damage. Bubble wrap is great too but it can be really expensive, so reserve your limited supply for really expensive and fragile items.
  6. Use MoveSouq to save money: In order to find exclusive moving and storing offers you can use where you can read customer reviews and request for quotes from multiple storage companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of the UAE.
  7. Store with SimpleStorage: Simple Storage provides strong lockable plastic boxes that are easily stored and protect your items. Simple Storage charges 50% less than other storage companies too, by using latest and innovative storing methods that benefit their customers and the environment.

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