Simple Storage: The Only Storage Solution You Will Ever Need

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Pricing starts from 50 AED / month

Boxes are delivered to youBoxes are delivered to you

Boxes are delivered to you

We deliver storage boxes to your home or office.

Fill them up & request a pickupFill them up & request a pickup

Fill them up & request a pickup

You have one week to fill up the boxes. Call or email us and we collect them from you. Otherwise just request a pickup for your custom storage needs

All your boxes are 100% secureAll your boxes are 100% secure

All your boxes are 100% secure

All your boxes are secured in our storage ware house.

Traditional storage in Dubai options come with a lot of inconvenience. Self-storage in warehouses is far from the most practical and easiest solution. Simple Storage provides an excellent alternative, since you get a quality service apart from the storage space.

Here’s how our Dubai storage solution works – our team of experienced professionals will come to your house, pick up the items that you want to put in storage and take them to our warehouse. It’s as simple as welcoming the team at your door and waving goodbye as they leave. The solution will also free you from having to take bulky items to the warehouse on your own.

This innovative approach has turned us into one of the best storage companies in Dubai. Quality boxes are delivered to you and these can be filled in any way that you deem appropriate. These self storage boxes are water-resistant and easy to stack. All of your items and valuable belongings will be safely stored in our modern warehouse.

The Simple Storage solution is also one of the most cost-efficient options on the Dubai market. Most storage solutions have minimum space requirements. We’re different and you only pay for what you use. The price will depend on the number of storage boxes that you ask for. On top of that, we’ll take the boxes from your home and deliver them back upon necessity.

Self storage Dubai gives you peace of mind, cost-efficiency, convenience and flexibility. Simple Storage is a brand new business on the Dubai market and we’re fully committed to guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Call us today or use our contact form to ask questions or request the delivery of boxes to your address.

Our Boxes

Our boxes are extremely durable, made to resist water and are easily stacked for efficient storage, which lowers your end cost :).

Ideal for organizing excess clothes, children toys, offices, garages and much much more. On delivery of the boxes, we also give you free tie locks, so that you can securely close your box(es) in the comfort of your home. As well as free labels and fragrance pouches for your clothes.

  • The Durable Storage Boxes: free of charge
  • Pick-ups of the filled Storage Boxes: free of charge
  • Return of the storage boxes to your home: 50AED / Box
  • Being able to store all your items in one centralize location: Peace of Mind




  • “Simply, the best storage service. No one can beat their top-notch customer service, efficiency, reliability, and competitive rates.”

    - Sahan, Dubai

  • “We were really impressed with their service. Affordable and reliable.”

    - Robert, Abu Dhabi

  • “They usually deliver the box the next day itself even if they say a 48 Hours time frame. Just love their service.”

    - Fathima Muhammed, Sharjah

  • “Great service, great prices, fast, efficient and very friendly staff.”

    - Lisa, Dubai

We Store Anything, from bicycles to cars

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We knock the door in 48 hours

We provide pickup or dropoff in 48 hours.

Free Stuffs

With every dropoff, we include tie locks, labels and fragrance pouches.

Secured Storage

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Get in touch with us on +971 (4) 388 3818 or write to us on our Contact Page